Music program

2021 was finished!
See you in 2023 in Tokyo!

You can now watch video documentation of the music program.

Best Paper Award🎉
Deep Learning-Based Music Instrument Recognition: Exploring Learned Feature Representations.
Michael Taenzer, Stylianos I. Mimilakis and Jakob Abeßer

Best Music Award🎉
Approaches for flute and interactive violin automaton.
Karl F. Gerber

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Karl F. Gerber
for flute and interactive violin automaton
Karina Erhard, flute

Miskets and Canicas
Anıl Çamcı
audiovisual networked piece for two performers playing a Virtual Interface for Musical Expression (VIME)

Enrico Dorigatti
fixed multimedia

Time Garden: dawn replica
Charles Nichols, Zach Duer and Scotty Hardwig
computer music accompanying video of motion capture dance in virtual reality

Christian M. Fischer
fixed multimedia

Sarah Hamilton, Bradley Robin and Seth Shafer
networked performance

Construction in Kneading
Ryo Ikeshiro
live generative audiovisual work

Daniel Blinkhorn
multichannel fixed media

Paulo C. Chagas and Ćassia Carrascoza
audiovisual composition for flute, electronics and 3D-video
Ćassia Carrascoza, flute

Things I Have Seen in My Dreams
João Pedro Oliveira
fixed multimedia

Greg Beller
musical theater
Lin Chen and Lini Gong, performance
Janina Luckow aka KLARA, video

It was a calm and relaxing night
Francesco Corrias
for violin and live electronics
Francesco Fadda, violin

Scott Barton
for virtual and robotic strings and percussion